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Welcome to Alcove Service Apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore - India’s very own Silicon Valley

Bangalore or Bengaluru, the famed breeding ground for IT in India, can be best described as the potpourri of swank modernity and rich traditions. The cosmopolitan DNA of Bangalore is evident from the presence of a large pool of expatriate workforce that shifted their base to the metropolis. It’s no wonder that Bangalore is home to some of India’s biggest software exporters, biotechnology pioneers, world-class research institutions, public sector behemoths, and hospitality industry. Bangalore has been adjudicated very recently as the top business haven of the nation..

VHBCS Layout, 107 (VHBTT1)

Service Apartments in HBCS Layout, Bangalore
Standard: 1800/ day for 1 pax
Standard: 3600/ day upto 4 pax

HBR Layout, Villa Tejas (HBRTS1)

Service Apartments in HBR Layout, Bangalore
Standard: 2500/ day for 1 pax

Hennur Road, Asha (HNRKH1)

Service Apartments in Hennur Road, Bangalore
Standard: 3000/ day for 1 pax
Standard: 9000/ day upto 6 pax

Indiranagar, Suites (INRIS1)

Service Apartments in Indranagar, Bangalore
Standard: Rs 2500/day for 2 pax
Deluxe: Rs 2750+tax for 2 Pax | Luxury: Rs 3000+tax for 2 Pax
Standard: Rs 3750/day for 2 pax

Koramangala, #104 (KMLSS1)

Studio Rooms in Koramangala, Bangalore
Standard: 2250/day for 2 pax
Standard: 3000/day for 2 pax
Standard: 5500/day for 4 pax

BTM Layout, Orel (BTMOI1)

Service Apartments in BTM Layout, Bangalore
Standard: 2000/ day for 1 pax

Koramangala, 535 (KMLAH2)

Service Apartments in Koramangala, Bangalore
Deluxe: Rs.3000/- + tax single occupancy | Rs. 3500/- + tax double occupancy
Executive: Rs.2750/- + tax single occupancy | Rs. 3250/- + tax double occupancy
Deluxe: 4500/ day upto 2 pax
Executive: 4000/ day upto 2 pax
Deluxe: 6000/- + tax per day for upto 4 people
Executive: 5500/- + tax for upto 4 people

Koramangala, Raheja (KMLAH1)For long stays only

Service Apartments in Koramangala, Raheja, Bangalore
Standard:Rs 3000/- + tax per day
Standard: Rs 4000/- + tax per day
Standard:Rs 5500/- + tax per day

RMV 2nd Stage, Plot # 15 (RMVSA1)

Service Apartments in RMV 2nd Stage, Bangalore
Standard: 3000/ day for 1 pax

Residency Road, Plot # 12&12/1 (RESAO1)

Service Apartments in Residency Road, Bangalore
Standard: 2499/ day for 1 pax Executive: 3000/ day for 1 pax Deluxe: 3500/ day for 1 pax

Ulsoor lake , Akila Nest (USRVT1)

Service Apartments in Ulsoor lake , Akila Nest, Bangalore
Standard: 2300 / day for 1 pax

Lavelle Road, Villa Lavelle (LAVCH1)

Service Apartments in lavelle-road, Bangalore
Standard (room): 2750 / day for 1 pax Standard (studio): 3500 / day for 1 pax

Ulsoor lake , Plot # 4 (USRPB1)

Service Apartments in Ulsoor lake , Plot # 4, Bangalore
Standard: 2499/ day for 1 pax

Primrose Road,Ranka (PRISU1)

Service Apartments in Primrose Road,Ranka, Bangalore
Standard (room): 2499 / day for 1 pax Standard (room): 2800 / day for 1 pax

Cambridge Layout, Supralisa (CAMCH1)

Service Apartments in cambridge-layout, Bangalore
Standard (room): 2250 / day for 1 pax

Whitefield, Prestige (WTFCR1)

Service Apartments in Whitefield, Bangalore
Standard: 3000/ day for 1 pax

Nearly 500 years old, once a serene cantonment, Bangalore has undergone a sea change. Today, it is reckoned as the numero uno liveable city in India. Entrepreneurs across the spectrum favour Bangalore as one of the top ten destinations in the world to incubate start-ups. From Electronics City to International Tech Park to UB City, Bangalore has all it takes to draw high-end technology czars. The upcoming Information Technology Investment Region will elevate the already robust growth trajectory of Bangalore to a new level.

BIAL, Bengaluru International Airport is 40 km from the city. BMTC run buses are the dependable modes of transport in Bangalore. City Taxi is the other transport alternative. Behind the state-of-the-art frontispiece, Bangalore has platter full of other things to add that zing to your itinerary. Year round pleasant climatic conditions are sure to lure any traveler. Average annual temperature in Bangalore is around 24°C. You can enjoy gourmet meals at speciality food joints, unwind at weekend hotspots, or turn up at a splendid tourist hangout -Bangalore Palace, ISKON Temple, Ulsoor Lake, Shiva Temple, Vidhana Soudha, Cubbon Park etc. Vacationing in Bangalore, whether for pure leisure or both work and play, is a refreshing experience.

Service Apartments in Bangalore are centrally located in close proximity to public transportation and predominant regions. Ideal for both leisure and business travellers, service apartments in Bangalore offer sophisticated accommodation on par with 5 Star hotels and excellent service. Moreover, Alcove service apartments in Bangalore offer the best price for your short and long stays with assurance of quality and efficiency.

Why choose Service Apartments in Bangalore by Alcove?

Our service apartments in Bangalore are a great alternative to a luxury hotel. Most of the service apartments are present in the key locations of Bangalore city. Whether you intend to stay for a short-term or a longer period, leisure or business travel, serviced apartments are advantageous for many reasons.

Here are five reasons to choosing Alcove’s service apartments in Bangalore:

1. Convenience

The big purpose of renting a serviced apartment is because of its convenience. Service apartments save you from queuing to check in and out – you can move straight in and feel at home. The convenience of reach to the central regions of the city, public transport, ATMs, hospitals lends you to pick and choose the closest serviced apartment to your location.

2. Comfort

The fully furnished apartment offers a welcoming atmosphere that many hotel rooms lack. The comfort of respite, complimentary breakfast, spacious rooms, separate dining area, laundry, and chef on request, you’ll feel right at home. The well-equipped kitchen with oven and fridge provides you the comfort of cooking for yourself, at any point of the day and night.

3. Cost-effective

A prevalent misconception is that service apartments are unaffordable, but that isn’t the case. Service apartments offer fantastic value for money compared to hotel room. The facility to cook for yourself can keep restaurant bills down to a minimum too. In a nutshell, you can enjoy home-style living with hotel’s amenity.

4. Privacy

Service apartments are independent accommodations among the residential community which offers privacy and freedom as compared to traditional hotels. You can do exactly what you would do if you were at home - take off your shoes, watch your favourite TV show lying flat on your back or cook your meals in the kitchen. Whether you’re travelling with the children, friends or colleagues, this is exactly what you need.

5. Space

On average, service apartments offer 30% extra space than cramped hotel rooms. A living area with plenty of room is an advantage - you're never stuck for space or ideas. For business stays where so much leans on being able to feel free to keep up your working life, to families with children, service apartments are the definite stay station with its homely ambience.

So, the question now is why you wouldn’t choose a service apartment for your long or short stay, business or pleasure.

Check out our latest service apartments in Bangalore and book today.

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